Bohut Tasty!
Supper Clubs

Delve into the enriching world of Bohut Tasty dining, enjoying a remarkable fusion of cultures, flavours, and heartfelt stories. In this intimate dining experience, guests are invited to relish an array of homecooked fusion food and create meaningful connections, share resonating stories while immersing in a joy-filled celebration of food!

Our Next Supper Club Dates

Friday 1st March 2024
Saturday 6th April 2024

Friday 19th April 2024
Friday 3rd May 2024


The Bohut Tasty! Supper Clubs are the essence of community and culinary delight at Bohut Tasty! Supper Club. We're dedicated to serving up a blend of Punjabi, Singaporean, and British cuisines, each dish crafted from the finest ingredients and infused with love. Our supper clubs are more than meals; they're gatherings where joy, love, and soulful flavors meet, creating unforgettable moments.

Sharing Stories, Creating Memories

We're not just serving delicious dishes; we're sharing stories, connections, and memories encapsulated in our food. Sandeep's keen sense of crafting dishes that delight the palate while nourishing the soul is the essence of our dining experiences. This delightful venture of culinary exploration, is an invitation to all food enthusiasts to join us in our celebration of joy-filled, homecooked food, rooted in love and shared experience.

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