The Bohut Tasty! Story

Hey, I’m Sonu! The Founder of Bohut Tasty!

Food has been a saviour in my life. Pulling me through the good and bad times. It’s always been an important symbol of connection, togetherness, family and culture.

Coming from a Punjabi, Singaporean and British background, food has been the unbreakable bond in these cultures which brings everyone together. Whether a small family meal or a bigger social gathering, wholesome food opens the soul to wholesome conversations and joyful experiences.

It’s because of the importance food holds, busy parents like myself are always worried about what they are feeding their families. Learning from my mother, who consistently poured her love and care into the food we and others ate, has inspired me to provide my family and friends with nourishing homecooked soul food.

The  divine joy I receive from cooking with love, feeding people and watching them smile and eat with such happiness is unparalleled.

That’s why I founded Bohut Tasty!

Cooking food by my own hands and with love,
my mission is to feed people homecooked fusion food using only good fresh ingredients. Cooked to order from my home kitchen and sent out to feed someone's soul, take some pressure off parents with children or simply just celebrate!

Bohut Tasty! Is a brand on a mission to…

  • Feed people honest, delicious homecooked fusion food, making them feel the love in the food they eat.
  • Give busy parents the option of ordering homecooked food for their families and empowering them to use their time elsewhere.
  • Create meaningful social experiences centered around food.
  • Inspire people to eat and cook inventively.
  • Make a positive impact through support and involvement with charitable and community initiatives.

Bohut Tasty! provides intimate supper club experiences, made-to-order meals and the inspiration to inventively cook food that feeds the body, mind and soul.

It’s a community driven brand, utilising the power of food to connect people from all walks of life, providing a platform to share stories that resonate, impact and support one another.

This brand has been born out of a need to share more love into a world where there just isn’t enough.  Enable change and empower lives through such a simple but powerful means of food.  A brand that is created and nourished with joy.

Bohut Tasty! - Homecooked joy-filled food for your body, mind and soul!